Hotels and Baseball

Earth Day Road Trip

The following is based on my observations while staying at 3 star hotels and attending minor league baseball games. Charlotte, NC wins in my greenish thumbs-up over Columbia, SC.

HOTELS: Our hotel in Charlotte had a recycle bin and a notice about their conservation efforts. The complimentary breakfast buffet used washable, reusable dishes. Our hotel in Columbia had no recycling anywhere at all. I was startled to see how much plastic was thrown into the trash at breakfast in our Columbia hotel. All disposable plastic dishes. Interesting to note that the less expensive hotel was far less eco-friendly.

BASEBALL: The Charlotte Knights stadium had a respectable amount of recycling bins. It wasn't perfect, but definitely the winner here. The Columbia Fireflies have a beautiful new stadium with only two recycle bins at the park exit. A sold out crowd of 7,500 with no recycle bins in sight made the greenish neighbor in me cringe. At the drink stands, aluminum and plastic bottles were emptied into plastic cups and pitched into a trash can which was already full of cardboard. Pretty sure no recycling happens here.

I look forward to visiting many more ball parks with my family but will now enjoy America's favorite past time with a new "greenish" perspective.