Why Greenish? Because nobody's perfect. Being successful in reducing our environmental impact happens when we make small changes over time. Creating new daily habits can get you started in going “greenish".


Why Neighbor? Because we can change the world one neighborhood at a time. Meaningful change starts with engaging with friends and neighbors by sharing information, tools and resources.


Are you wondering how you can have a fantastic eco-friendly birthday party for your child but not sure where to start? Greenish Parties will deliver the reusable and compostable party goods right to your door. After the party’s over, everything gets taken away and commercially composted. No waste to the landfill! MORE INFO!

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Have Questions?

Want to join me on the journey of being “greenish” but feel overwhelmed with questions? Neighbors and friends can learn together, share ideas, celebrate success stories and vent about the things that don’t seem to be working. Start here with FAQs.

Get Involved!

Are you creating new habits in your household that are improving your impact on the planet? Helping the bee population with a backyard pollinator garden? Composting and gardening? Made your home more energy efficient, or installed rooftop solar panels? Share your successes here.



I am Patty Cervenka and I am the founder of Greenish Neighbor. Over the past ten years, I have participated in projects in my town as a community volunteer, service project organizer, block leader and Cary Green Neighborhood Project Team Leader. I have recently been selected to serve on the Town of Cary's Environmental Advisory Board. I enjoy sharing what I have learned and have found that there isn't always a simple solution to complicated issues. Sometimes the "greenish" solution works best. I want to help you find what "greenish" means to you because I really do believe that everybody can be green-ish.

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