Not sure where to Start?

Educate Yourself.

Find out how everything we choose to purchase and use effects the planet. 


Get Answers.

Here are some Questions and Answers to Get You Started:

Q.  What are the two or three things I can change right now that will reduce my negative impact on the planet and be more “greenish”?

A.  Keep reusable grocery bags in your vehicle. If bringing reusable bags to the store with you is not yet a habit, do your best to make it one. By now we all have an understanding that single use plastic bags are harmful to our environment and specifically threaten marine life when it reaches rivers, lakes and coastline.

When you empty your groceries, immediately return the cloth bags to your vehicle. You will occasionally forget to bring them but you will eventually create a habit.

A.  Educate yourself on what should go into your recycling bin. This varies by municipality a little but not very much. Co-mingled recycling is great but can be confusing sometimes. Search your town or city’s website to find lists or accepted recycling. If you are in Cary, let me help you with questions about what should go in the bins, what needs to be taken to special recycling centers and what goes into the trash.

A.  Make a conscious effort to consider your options when purchasing or using items. Can you pick a packaging that is more environmentally friendly? Can you reuse dry produce bags over again? Can you find a product that is from a local source that would meet your needs? Can you repair an item that you were going to throw into the trash and ultimately into the local landfill?

A.  Get a nice aluminum or stainless steel reusable water bottle and stop purchasing single use plastic water bottles. Take time to shop around because personal preference vary on this and the goal is to live with this purchase for a very long time. I love my Under Armour stainless steel water bottle. It keeps water cold all day and has a nice wide opening for ice.

Q.  Do I need to take the caps off of plastic drink bottles in my recycle bin?

A.  Not anymore. We all used to be told to remove the caps from water bottles and drink bottles but now the processing of caps is enabled if the caps are put back on the bottle. They will get processed and recycled that way.

Q.  Can I put plastic grocery/shopping bags in my recycle bin?

A.  No these bags cannot be processed in the recycling equipment and can cause problems with the operations of the equipment. No matter how conscientious I try to be about taking plastic bags while out in the world, I still end up with some bags and plenty of plastic wraps from bulk paper towels, tissues, etc. I collect these bags and other plastic wraps and take them to my local grocery store for recycling.

Q.  I have more recycling than trash, and find that I run out of room in my brown recycle bin. How can I get a bigger bin?

A.  To switch from a 65-gallon cart to a larger 95-gallon cart at no fee, contact the Town of Cary at (919) 469-4090.